is FAU-G game poster copied?

September 4, 2020 By Vikram 8

FAU-G Poster vs Poster from Fanatical Futurist

is fau-g poster copied?

Twitteratti accuses Akshay Kumar ‘s PUBG alternative game FAU-G of poster copy.

This poster can be found here Fanatical Futurist

We did our research and searched image on google image search tool, and we found many such images from different sources.

The only difference between FAU-G poster and poster on Fanatical Futurist is of INDIAN flag symbol.

Already twitter is accusing FAU-G team for lack of creativity and using similar name as PUBG.

We further did our research and found that Fanatical Futurist blog belongs to a person named Matthew Griffin who is a International Keynote Speaker.

But again the question remains is fau-g poster copied?

We are doing our further research on this FAU-G poster copy matter.

We will post a new blog post after confirming/rejecting rumours soon. Stay tuned!

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